Suncream / Sunhats

Can we please ask parents to apply suncream to their children before dropping them at playgroup.  This will hugely help the staff due to the time it takes to apply suncream to each child and then have to wash their hands after each application in case a suncream is not suitable for another child.

We recommend using a suncream that can be applied once a day and that will last for 8+ hours, if you are happy to.

There is now a form provided in playgroup for parents to tick if they have applied suncream to their child and if they have provided a named bottle of suncream.

In addition, sunhats and suitable clothing must be provided along with suncream - if you child does not have the right clothing, we will do what we can to provide them with this, but do have a limited supply of spares - and we don't want your children to miss out on being able to play outside.