Parent Helpers

Puddleducks relies on the support of parents and carers in various ways.

Our parent helper rota is put up on display in the foyer, at group, at the start of each term which allows all parents/carers to sign up to stay for a session that suits them. 

Being a parent helper is incredibly rewarding and enables parents/ cares to see first hand how their child interacts with other children and adults at Puddleducks. Parent helpers can develop new skills, gather ideas for home activities and get to know the staff and procedures at Puddleducks.

Parents with babies aged less than six months or with health problems are not expected to sign up but may do so if they wish/are able.

Guidelines for parent helpers
• Please arrive at 8.55am for the morning session and 12.30pm for the afternoon session;
• You will need to sign in and sign out of the visitors book and to store your valuables including your mobile phone and any camera equipment in the secure cupboard;
• Help set out activities as requested by staff;
• Engage with and assist children with their activities. Ensure all artwork is named;
• Assist staff at snack/lunch times;
• Wash up, dry and put away snack equipment after snack/lunch;
• Please do not take children to the toilet but find a member of staff to do this instead;
• Please do ask if anything is unclear.

Thank you for your help and support.  It is lovely for the children when their parents / carers are able to help and be with them in the setting!