Food and Drink


A healthy snack is provided for children attending morning sessions.  Puddleducks buys fresh fruit and vegetables locally from Paddock Farm shop in Mulbarton. Each day staff prepare a variety of tempting fruit and vegetables in individual portions. Children are also offered bread sticks, rice cakes or crackers and for special occasions will also be involved in making goodies that they can eat at snack times!

You will be asked about dietary requirements when you register your child at Puddleducks. Please do inform a member of staff if your child's requirements change during their time at Puddleducks.

Drinking water is always available for children throughout the session. In addition, children are provided with a drink of milk (or water if preferred) during each session. If a child does not like milk or water, parents are asked to provide a suitable drink in a leak proof cup clearly labelled with the child's name.

Children attending group for afternoon sessions or lunch club must bring a packed lunch with them.  Children will be provided with water to drink with their packed lunch.

Please try to make the lunch as healthy as possible. Chocolate covered biscuits are permitted, but please do not include confectionary.

Please ensure that no nut products, including Nutella/ chocolate spread and cereal bars with nuts in are included in your child's packed lunch.