Puddleducks Committee meeting Monday 24th April 2017



Rachel Cushing

Sarah Haddon

Sarah Webster

Sarah Headland

Jo Doughty

Elaine Kong

Louise Gaskin


Amy Snowling

Katherine Rowlandson

Amy Browne

Janice Mark

Steve Mark

Nick Headland



1. Minutes and apologies
1.1 The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

2. Matters arising

2.1 Action carried forward: RC to check whether Kat Gant has designed the poster.

2.2 SHe has managed to update the photos on the website, but the slider is still unchanged. Further advice needs to be sought.

2.3 SHa has emailed all staff about the pension scheme.

2.4 RC has emailed Ofsted to inform them about SHe's EY3 and to add NH as an associate member.

2.5 RC has still not heard back from the PLA.

2.5.1 Action: RC to phone them again.

2.6 All committee members have given feedback over the parent questionnaire and the questionnaire has now gone live to parents.

3 Finance
3.1 AS was absent from the meeting but had forwarded February and March's figures in advance.
3.2 Figures show we are nearly £3,000 up, although rent has not yet been paid.

4 EY2s
4.1 KR and AB were absent from the meeting so no update has been received. These must be followed up.

5 Constitution
5.1 No update to report, as the PLA has not returned RC's phone call (see 2.5.1)

6 Monkey Club
6.1 Peacocks has been in contact with the church and will take over running the club on 22nd May.
6.2 Peacocks can have the equipment in the cupboard, but storage must be discussed with the village hall committee.
6.3 Puddleducks will hand everything over to Peacocks as we took it on.

6.4 Action: RC to contact Helen at Peacocks

6.5 Monkey Club needs to be removed from Puddleducks' insurance.

7 Parent questionnaire
7.1 The questionnaire is now live and 31 responses have been received so far.
7.2 Most of the responses have been positive, although a few have raised queries, most notably around the 30 hours issue.
7.3 Staff members were highly praised by parents, but it was noted that the committee needs to raise its profile among parents.
7.4 There has been a good response to Tapestry.
7.5 The questionnaire will close on 8th May and results will be fed back to staff.

7.6 Action: RC to write a piece giving more details and Puddleducks' position on the 30 hours.

7.7 Action: SHa and SW to do another plea to parents to fill in the questionnaire.

8 30 Hours
8.1 The NCC adviser has been in touch, but we will not know any more till next year, and after the results of the questionnaire.

9 Lead practitioners' report
9.1 Some gardening was done over Easter and the garden looks much better, though there is still work to be done. The fencing needs painting.
9.2 Pay increase letters have been handed out to staff.
9.3 Kerry to get quotes for the end-of-term Ducklings party. Ducklings is still running well, with lots of new ideas. We need to keep advertising it, and set up a Facebook page.

10 Fundraising
10.1 The Easter raffle raised £202.95.
10.2 We are currently in Asda's token scheme.
10.3 Sunday's Spring Fair is all organised, and the advertising boards are up. Volunteers are desperately needed to man the stalls.
10.4 The risk assessment form is ready.
10.5 Looking ahead, there are plans for the beer festival, Words Week, and the gym fete on 2nd July.

11 Committee future planning
11.1 RC will write a piece promoting the committee for the next newsletter.
11.2 SHa suggested using Tapestry as way to reach parents.

11.3 Action: All committee members to give SW a photo of themselves before Friday, for a photo board at the Spring Fair. Members will also wear badges to identify themselves.

11.4 Articles are due to appear in the Parish News and village newsletter promoting the committee. We could also use the stay and play sessions in May as a way to meet and greet parents.
11.6 We have potential for an open day, date pencilled in for 10th June.
11.7 We could also put something in the welcome pack for new parents, send leaflets, newsletters, emails and letters home.

11.8 Action: RC to co-ordinate communication to parents, with help from Debs.

12 Health and safety
Nothing to report

13 A.O.B
13.1 LG has booked the Dinosaur Park for the day out on 8th June, at the same rates as last year – one adult free for every 6 paying children. Puddleducks will pay for all children and staff (under threes are free) and parents will pay £7.95 each.
13.1.2 Staff will be paid for their normal hours, and they will be given the choice whether to join the outing or stay back and work.
13.2 Refunds for Friday's sickness closure have already been dealt with, and the voting closures have also been done.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.50pm.