Puddleducks Committee Meeting, Monday 15th May 2017



Rachel Cushing


Sarah Haddon


Sarah Webster


Amy Snowling


Sarah Headland


Jo Doughty


Elaine Kong


Amy Browne


Katherine Rowlandson





Louise Gaskin


Nick Headland


Janice Mark


Steve Mark






1. Minutes and apologies
1.1 The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

2. Matters arising
2.1 No poster has been designed.
2.1.1 Action: SHe to design a new poster.
2.2 RC has been in contact with Peacocks to discuss the handover of Monkey Club.
2.3 Action carried forward: RC to write a piece giving more details on Puddleducks' position on the 30 hours.
2.4 The parents questionnaire has now closed.
2.5 Action carried forward: RC to co-ordinate communication to parents, with help from Debs.

3. Finance
3.1 No figures are available for this month, but our forecast shows we may be down by £5,000 at year end.
3.2 Staffing issues need to be addressed. An advert for a new staff member has gone out.
3.3 Recent fundraising money has now been paid in.
3.4 Invoices have not yet gone out, and bills are now due to be paid monthly.
3.5 Action: AS needs another paying in book from Natasha.
3.6 Action: AS to email form to RC.

4. EY2s
4.1 KR's is now completed.
4.2 AB must double check her live update.

5. Constitution/PLA
5.1 RC has spoken to PLA but has had no response. We are able to get our accounts audited.
5.2 Action: RC to chase PLA for an answer.

6. Monkey Club
6.1 Peacocks have taken over the running of Monkey Club. It is now called Peachicks and opens on a Monday morning.
6.2 We are donating £300 to their set up costs, along with the equipment in the cupboard.

7. Questionnaire
7.1 We have had 41 full responses, and 50 partially complete forms.
7.2 There was some great feedback, especially for the staff, which must be fed back to them.
7.3 Tapestry updates are now linked to learning particular skills.
7.4 Opinion was divided over 2-year-old sessions, we may need to increase our fees.
7.5 Action: AS to put some figures together for a fee increase.
7.6 Any fee increase will need to be explained to parents.
7.7 Action: RC to feedback to parents via newsletter and Facebook regarding staff, 30 hours, fees (and finances) and offer an open forum to parents to respond.

8. 30 Hours
8.1 We will not be offering 30 hours in September.
8.2 We could look at offering 20 hours, depending on demand on our waiting list.
8.3 We could also look at a partnership with other care providers in the village to split the hours, which would bring in a little extra money. Further discussion is needed.

9. Staffing
9.1 Steph has sadly handed in her notice. She has given four weeks notice, but may be willing to stay a little longer to help her key children in their school transitions.
9.2 Her job has been advertised on Facebook, but not yet on County Council website. A lever 2 or 3 is required.
9.3 Action: RC to conduct a leaving interview with Steph.
9.4 Three staff members will be invited to apply for the supervisory role.

10. Advertising
10.1 SW has designed a banner for the car park, which would cost £36.18. We need approval from the parish council first.
10.2 A leaflet has also been designed, which committee members will deliver to homes around the village.
10.3 We will also look to display posters around the village, and promote Ducklings too.

11. Open morning
11.1 Booked for Saturday, 10th June, 10am – midday. We can set up on Friday night.
11.2 10 posters to promote the event would cost £8.99, and 500 fliers £19.65.
11.3 We need to push this on Facebook immediately, and also get in touch with people on the waiting list.

11.4 Action: SW to ask Debs to email our waiting list.
11.5 Committee help will be needed from 9am with refreshments (tea, coffee, juice and biscuits).
11.6 SW, Janice, Kerry, Kim and Vanessa will be attending.

12. Lead practitioners' report
12.1 Pre-school children have made visits to the infant school, there are two more to go.
12.2 The teachers will visit Puddleducks on 15th June.
12.3 SW will conduct talks with the teachers to assess each child.
12.4 Ruth has done some training regarding story telling, particularly to engage boys. She has asked for a £50 budget for books and other items, which was agreed by committee.
12.5 There has been a good response from the Dinosaur Park trip and the pre-school photo.

13. Fundraising

13.1 The Spring Fair was a great success, well attended, and we raised £797.12.
13.1.1 A donation of £20 has been made to EACH, making our total £777.12.
13.2 There is still a small amount of money to come from a few places.
13.3 There were five business stalls, the candy floss stall gave us £15; donkeys £6; ice cream £22; food van £30; face painting cost us £75 but we made £50. The raffle raised £228; cakes and drinks £222.36; tombola £154; chocolate tombola £76; bouncy castle £62.18 and the bottle tombola £57.
13.4 We should announce the amount raised and also explain what the money will be spent on.
13.5 Future events: the beer fest, where we will have a chocolate tombolas, lucky dip and hook-a- duck.
13.5.1 Words Week: we are making cakes on Tuesday evening, making scones on Wednesday, and serving on Friday. SHa and JD will already be there to serve.
13.5.2 Gym fete: 2nd July. We will have a lucky bucket, candy floss challenge and plants. Our stall fee is paid. We need to offer a raffle prize – JD suggested a voucher for Ducklings, which was agreed.
13.5.3 Action: SHe to design the voucher.
13.4 We are expecting Spree books to come soon.
13.5 The committee thanked JD for all her hard work.
13.6 We are now able to revisit the list of equipment wanted.
13.6.1 SW to email list to RC.

14. Future planning
14.1 AS is standing down as treasurer.
14.2 SHe to stand down as secretary, but willing to stay on as an associate for newspaper contacts and posters.
14.3 JD is thinking of a gradual handover over the next year.
14.4 SHa is standing down.
14.5 RC willing to do another year.
14.6 EK, AB and KR will stay for another year.
14.7 Two new officers will be needed, and six general members. Two thirds must be current parents, but few parents have expressed interest.

15. Health and safety
15.1 Nothing to report

16. A.O.B
16.1 SHe has updated the slider on the website, thanks to help from NH, and is having more success in bringing it up to date. We still need to find a way of getting the Ofsted logo on the front page. 16.2 We need an agreement in place with Crafty Little Tinkers over the use of Ducklings' tables. The original agreement was £2 a week but no money has even been received. The tables are frequently not being cleaned after use.
16.2.1 Action: LG to add something into their contract about leaving the tables and chair clean after use.
16.3 The toilets have been repainted, but new toilet seats are still needed.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.30pm.