Puddleducks Management Committee meeting, June 12th 2017, 8pm



Rachel Cushing (RC)

Sarah Haddon


Sarah Webster


Amy Snowling


Sarah Headland


Jo Doughty






Katherine Rowlandson


Amy Browne


Louise Gaskin


Elaine Kong


Nick Headland (NH)

Janice Mark


Steve Mark





1 Minutes and apologies
1.1 The minutes of the last meeting were agreed. However, there were not enough committee members present to make the meeting quorate, so no formal decisions could be made. Emails will be sent to members later to vote on important decisions.

2. Matters arising
2.1 SHe has designed a poster, and it has been used at the open morning.
2.1.1 Action: SHa to print good-quality copies of the poster once SHe has emailed the download link. 2.2 RC has written a piece for the newsletter and will forward to members to read through before it goes out to parents.
2.3 Action carried forward: AS needs a new paying-in book from Natasha.
2.4 Action carried forward: AS to email the funding form to RC.
2.5 No answer has yet been received from the PLA.
2.5.1 Action: SHa to phone PLA and ask how to change our model whilst still being members; and also search forums for advice.
2.6 Action carried forward: RC to conduct a leaving interview with Steph when she leaves.
2.7 The voucher is approved and ready for the Gym fete in July.
2.8 Action carried forward: SW to email list of equipment to RC.
2.9 Action carried forward: No reply has been received from Crafty Little Tinkers. LG to chase.

3 Finance
3.1 April's figures show we are down by £3,023.69.
3.2 However, no rent has been paid since February, so we owe £1,200 for March, April and May. This brings our real loss total to -£4,223.
3.3 Action: AS to contact Natasha to ask her to pay back-dated rent.
3.4 Things are not expected to change at the end of the academic year, so we are looking at a loss of around £5,000.

4 Fees
4.1 Our income from our current waiting list is forecast to be £78,418 (funded and non-funded children). That's £57,000 funded and £21,000 non funded.
4.2 If we increase our fees by 2½% by 10p, we will get an extra £530.
£4.25 per hour = £1,325.
£4.50 p/h = £2,650
£4.75 p/h = £3,975
4.3 It was proposed to raise fees to £4.30 per hour, giving us an increase of £1,590. However, as we were not quorate, we need to email absent members to vote on the proposal.
4.4 Action: RC to email committee members to vote on an increase to £4.30p/h.
4.5 Our accounts need auditing. AS to organise this.

5 EY2s
5.1 No update on AB has been received.
5.1.1 Action: SHa to chase.

6 30 hours
6.1 Parent feedback has been received from RC's email.
6.2 Puddleducks will offer no more than 15 hours, but will be able to split the 30 hours with other providers.

7 Staffing
7.1 Steph has kindly agreed to stay until the end of term, to help with school transitions and immediate staffing issues.
7.2 Three members of staff were invited to apply for the supervisor role, for two mornings a week. Kim and Vanessa have expressed an interest. SW proposed they be given one morning a week each, to give the staff more flexibility. Steph can begin doing a handover.
7.3 Six applications have been received for the vacant assistant practitioner role; five are being interviewed on Thursday.

8 Open morning
8.1 RC reported that the event was a great success, with lots of positive feedback and praise for staff and committee volunteers. She thanked everyone for their hard work. It was a busy, steady morning, with lots of families staying to play and chat. Lots of pre-two-year-olds came, some who already have places in September, and some who added their name to the waiting list.
8.2 Committee would like to thank the staff who gave up their time to work so hard at the open morning; it was agreed to pay for afternoon tea for them all (£12.50 a head, to come from fundraising).

9 Lead practitioner's report
9.1 The leavers' ceremony will take place on Thursday, 6th July.
9.2 The end of term party is on Friday, 21st July, 9.30-11.30am.
9.3 Teachers from the school are due to visit on Thursday.
9.4 No news yet about whether we can display a banner. There is a no advertising rule in the car park, despite there being two banners on display!

10 Fundraising
10.1 The beer festival stall raised £101.50
10.2 JD was approached by the Co-Op about their community fund scheme – there is the potential to win up to £10,000. We could ask for help with our eco-garden.
10.3 The Co-Op also provide teas and coffees for events, which could prove helpful at future events.
10.4 We are currently in Asda's token scheme, so we need to spread the word to get people to shop there.
10.5 Words Week refreshments raised £143.54.

10.6 Spree books will be available next Tuesday.
10.7 The Gym fete is on 2nd July. We will have lucky bucket, candy floss challenge and lucky darts.
10.8 Looking ahead, we have potential for an event in the summer holidays, either a stay and play cafe or a quiz evening. It was agreed to hold and a quiz and cake evening on 19th August in the Scout Hut.
10.9 Action: SHe to design a poster once details are confirmed with JD.

11 Future planning
11.1 RC to write to parents and new parents asking for new members.

12 Health and safety
Nothing to report

13 Safeguarding
Nothing to report

14 AOB
14.1 The Ofsted logo is now on the front page of the website.
14.2 The date of the next meeting has been changed to 17th July.
14.3 A new outdoor sign is still needed.
14.3.1 Action: RC to ask Gemma Hall.
14.4 Helen Norris, chair of Peacocks, has requested a meeting with RC.