Puddleducks Management Committee meeting, 11th September, 7.30pm



Rachel Cushing

Sarah Haddon

Sarah Webster

Amy Snowling

Sarah Headland

Jo Doughty

Elaine Kong

Katherine Rowlandson

Louise Gaskin


Amy Browne

Nick Headland

Janice Mark

Steve Mark


1 Minutes and apologies
1.1 The minutes of the last meeting, and the minutes of the extraordinary meeting, were agreed.

2. Matters arising
2.1 It is not looking hopeful that we will be able to change the clause in our constitution.
2.1.1 Action carried forward: SHa to contact PLA to ask how to change our model.
2.2 Action carried forward: RC to conduct a leaving interview with Steph.
2.3 Action carried forward: SW to email list of equipment required to RC.

2.4 Action carried forward: Debs to email users of the Scout hut and remind them that the tables belong to Ducklings, and request a donation for their use.
2.5 Our rent has been paid and is up to date.
2.6 Action carried forward: RC to get dimensions for the new Puddleducks sign.
2.7 Natasha has been given the go-ahead to set up the outsourcing of wages, using the quote she had. It will be implemented from October. This will include pension payments.
2.7.1 Action: RC to clarify contacts for the outsourcing and contracts.
2.8 The fee increase will be implemented from January, in line with last year's increase.
2.9 NH is unable to open a private YouTube account for SW. If SW needs help, NH will be happy to advise.
2.10 RC has emailed the parish council to see if we are eligible for a grant. They are due to discuss it on 2nd October.
2.11 Action: SHe to ask if we can change the date of the AGM to Friday 6th October.

3 Finance
3.1 AS happily reported that, as of end July, we were £300 up. We had over-budgeted for rent, but N.I. contributions are still to come out, so we are still facing a loss over all.
3.2 We were at full capacity at the end of the final term last year.

4. EY2s
4.1 All are now complete and up to date.

5 30 Hours
5.1 Other nurseries have expressed an interest in opening in the vacant room next door. This would affect any plans we have for expansion.
5.2 RC may still be able to speak to Jane Boxall for advice.

6 Staffing
6.1 Steph has now left the staff, and the vacant position has been advertised.
6.2 New staff member Maria will begin employment with Puddleducks on 9th October, subject to reference checks.
6.3 We still need new bank staff, so applicants could still be kept on file for any future vacancies.

7 Fees
7.1 Our fees will increase to £4.30 an hour in January.

8 Lead practitioner's report
8.1 SW reported a good start to the new term, with 26 children attending on the second day.
8.2 The staff have all returned happy, and had a celebration for Janice's silver anniversary at the weekend.
8.3 The eco garden has been tidied, thanks to Angela, who charged £180 for two days' work.
8.3.1 We could get a grant from the Co-Op for a bigger, properly-costed project.

9 Fundraising
9.1 We were runners up in the Asda token scheme, raising £200. Other supermarkets are running similar token schemes, so we may be able to apply somewhere else.
9.2 The Quiz and Cakes night in August raised £178.16, with a total of 7 teams.
9.3 The photography day is on 25th November, in the Scout Hut.
9.4 The Christmas fair has been booked for 10th December. Raffle letters have gone home, and there will be facepainting, pizzas and a grotto.
9.5 The total fundraising amount for the years was £3001.33, a fantastic amount.

10 Future committee planning
10.1 We will have a few new members joining the committee at the AGM, including one who expressed interest in being either secretary or vice chair. We still need to find a treasurer and someone to take ownership of our website.
10.1.1 Action: Debs to email and Facebook all parents to ask for volunteers to be treasurer and web person, and also invite them to the AGM. Anyone interested can speak to either RC, AS or SW.
10.2 SHa will stay on as a general member to help with training and delegation of roles.

11 Mulbarton Village Hall Committee
11.1 They have an AGM on 25th September. SHa is able to attend this.

12 Safeguarding
Nothing to report.

13 Health & Safety
13.1 SW reported that some ceiling tiles in the smaller room had been moved damaged and were now hanging precariously. The children are currently being kept out of this room. The village hall representatives are aware of the problem, and we await their action to mend them.
13.2 The light in the storage cupboard has still not been replaced.

14 AOB
14.1 The policies were agreed, and are now able to be sent.
14.2 Holiday funding: Some parents are required at other settings to give notice of any holidays, so that funding is stopped. Can the place be filled by another child?
14.2.1 Action: RC to contact County to get advice on this issue, so we can remain within the law but not out of pocket.
14.3 Kim has now been with us two years, and Kim and Vanessa are now doing a supervisory role, so their wages need to be adjusted accordingly.
14.4 Two lunch club staff can now be paid till 1.45pm, instead of the current1.30pm, as there is a lot of cleaning up to do. This will mean afternoon staff can concentrate on the children. This was agreed, with only one staff member paid the extra on the quieter Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This can start immediately.
14.4.1 Action: RC to inform Natasha.
14.4.2 We need to review salaries, and figures need to be circulated before the AGM.
14.4.3 SW has made a new overtime sheet.
14.4 AGM: We need to get current numbers of parents from Debs, so we can be quorate.
14.4.1 Action: SHe and Debs to promote the AGM on Facebook, email etc.

Date of next meeting: AGM 5th October; general meeting16th October.

There being no other business, RC thanked the current committee members for their hard work over the last year, and the meeting closed at 9.55pm.