Puddleducks meeting, World's End, 7.30pm, 8 December 2014

Present: Vicky Goff, Lin Goram, Rebecca Paterson, Saskia Gent, Amanda Howell, Joanne Doughty, Suzy Watson, Sarah Webster, Janice Mark, Sarah Haddon, Louise Gaskin

Apologies: Sue Foster, Audrey Costa

Matters arising:

Finance: Suzy spoke with Natasha about funding changes; Natasha to come back to Suzy - c/f.

Gardening: Archie Clay came in Saturday morning £35. A bit more needs to be done. It was agreed to get Archie back to infill hedging: action Sue. Amanda spoke to the Scouts re coming in the spring; happy to do so. Asking for tools: c/f.

Learning Journey training for staff took place: ten from PD attended. Money collected from all; Bramble Bears still to come. Ours were judged professional, with positive feedback from trainer.

DBS checks: finalising last lot - a few still have last bits to do. Numbers need to be sent to Debs, via Sarah ASAP. Action for all to finalise this process by next meeting.

Website: there was a training session this morning: Sarah, Vicky, Debs, Saskia.launch planned for January at the latest, but hopefully before Christmas. Publicity planned for early next year.


Funds looking healthy; however, we have been given much more funding than forecast, so this is going to be checked. Eight funded two-year olds on the books.

Monkey Club accounts not accurate yet, but Monkey Club is making money as Kerry is not being paid for her time (just expenses). Rent invoices to come in.

Ducklings accounts - money still to be paid in.

Both groups have been given money to buy a small gift for the children.


Halloween raffle: made a little: Stuart Beard photography day we get 25% of order costs. December 13th tombola rota organised. Spring fundraising meeting planned for after Christmas. Yellow Moon and a raffle in group have also been held.


Debs has sent round updated policies. Those updated need to be signed off. Two policies reviewed at each meeting every year.

Action: Suzy to review and update the Financial Control policy and circulate ASAP.

Action: Vicky to update Admissions policy and circulate ASAP.

These two policies to be signed off by all at the meeting in January. Then signed-off policies to be put on the new website after this.

Action: Sarah to lead updating of the Behaviour policy in the next staff meeting. Action: Debs to change DfES TO DoE where relevant, please (current govt dept). Action: Suzy to bring an example of a Risk Register; Amanda to check if she can bring an example from NCC along too.


The room is not being cleaned properly after evening/weekend hires. Action: Vicky to send a diplomatic email about this initially.


Committee agreed to contribute £130 (£10 per head) to staff meals and proposed Christmas gifts agreed as well.

Tough spot and 2 tables, 8 chairs proposed to be bought for Monkey Club for January; stored at MC; money to come from their account when it arrives.

Hoodies for Becky and Kerry for MC and Ducklings ordered. Mugs also ordered for each club's use. Action: magnetic lock for Ducklings cupboard at Scout Hut be passed to Becky by Sarah.

Stick Man: Transport/logistics the main issue. Bus hire costs need to be looked into. Action: Amanda to look into this.

Leavers' party For July: booked? Action: Amanda to check with James D.

Anna Mayhew now doing Learning Journeys - on the staff register officially now. Bank staff rarely used now.